Monday, December 17, 2012

Killer's Choice by Stuart Brock

If the dead man arranges his own murder
Who is the real killer?

Pick a body...any body......
Any body at all, Norden. Pick old-man Decker who hired him to rig his own murder. Or Linda, the mint-lush baby with the horizontal husband. Or maybe he would like Alene of the lurid dreams. Choose well, for your own salvation! The web draws tight, a web of no lousy private peep can hope to escape. A ten million dollar corpse, a million dollar baby, or a gal who gives it away. Pick one, Norden, just remember, it's...............

Killer's Choice

Printing History
Written by Louis Trimble (1917-1988)

Priory Books
No Date
Produce in Israel

Originally published by 
Graphic Publishing Company, Inc

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