Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Breach of Duty by J.A. Jance

A J.P. Beaumont Mystery

The Seattle that J.P. Beaumont knew as a young policeman is disappearing. The city is awash in the aromas emanating from the glut of coffee bars, the neighborhood outside his condo building has sprouted gallery upon gallery, and even his long cherished diner has evolved into a trendy eatery for local hipsters. But the glam is strictly surface, for the grit under the city's fingernails is caked with blood. J.P. and his partner Sue Danielson, a struggling single parent, are assigned the murder of an elderly woman torched to death in her bed. As their investigation proceeds, Beau and Sue become embroiled in a perilous series of events that will leave them and their case shattered, and for Beau nothing will ever be the same again.

Printing History
Written by Judith Ann Jance

Avon Books, Inc
ISBN 380 71843
Hardback Edition February 1999
Paperback Edition November 1999

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  1. Every time you put up a JA Jance book, I think...I have to read that series. This one sounds really good. Maybe in 2013.