Friday, December 14, 2012

Murder Most Mellow by Jaqueline Girdner

A Hot Tub Murder
A Cold-Blooded Killer....

A Kate Jasper Mystery

Kate Jasper is doing some soul-searching after a messy homicide case involving her "ex" and a breakup with her boyfriend over the "M" word. In this case, that's marriage, not murder. She decides to tap into some positive energy by hosting a support group. Where? In her hot tub of course. 

It's a move that puts her neck-deep in trouble.

One of her California consciousness, create your own reality pals turns up mellowed out and murdered in her jacuzzi. And when Kate tries some New Age sleuthing by tracking down the killer with a psychic, the message comes through crystal clear. Butt out or die.

Printing History
Written by Jaqueline Girdner

Berkley Publishing Group
Charter Communications, Inc
Diamond Books
June 1992
2nd printing

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