Sunday, December 30, 2012

Operation Flashpoint by Dan J Marlowe

Operation Flashpoint

He wasn't a good man
He wasn't a bad man
But his name was Earl Drake
And that was the difference

As a bank robber and safe cracker, Drake felt a bit out of place playing undercover agent for Uncle Sam. But he had no choice. One of the top brass in U.S. Intelligence had his number. So they made a deal, his silence for Drake's services in tracking down a gang of Mid-East terrorists. Besides, Drake had a personal in the job. They stole $75,000 from him. Drake started with a Turkish delight, Talia, He conned her into leading him from the bedroom to the inner most sanctum. He wished he didn't. One look at the cold bulbous eyes in the mound of flesh seated on the sofa before him told Drake he had stepped in the path of a rattlesnake. And if he couldn't charm it, Drake was a dead man.

Printing History
Written by Dan J Marlowe (1917-1987)

copyright 1970
Hoddor Fawcett Ltd
Coronet Books
1972, 1973,1973
ISBN 340 16472

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