Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Riviera Contract by Marvin Albert

A South American death squad is loose in the south of France
And Pete Sawyer stands between them and their prey

She Can Run, But She Can't Hide
Beautiful, feisty Sandrine Tally is a very exclusive and much sought after escort on the French Riviera. But with an unsavory group of international thugs after her, she vanishes. Leaving behind a bullet ridden corpse in her apartment. That's when her best friend asks Pete Sawyer to do the nearly impossible. Bring Sandrine back alive. It's an assignment that will call for even more dirty work than legwork. A deposed South American dictator planning a comeback coup, the ruthless agents of the junta that toppled him, and the French FBI all have a stake in finding the terrified Sandrine. Caught in the middle, Pete is not about to take sides. But the men he's tangling with want blood, and Pete may just live to regret taking them on. If he lives at all............

Printing History
Written by Marvin H. Albert (1924-1996)

copyright 1992 by Marvin Albert

Ballantine Books
Fawcett Gold Medal Books
ISBN 449 14625
January 1993

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