Sunday, March 16, 2014

Murder In March Madness Day 16

Today we are on the hump of Murder In March Madness with day number sixteen. up.  All through the month of March I will highlight a different mystery with the word "Murder" or a variant in the title.Today's title is Murder Most Fowl by Bill Crider

Murder Most Fowl (1984)
Written by Bill Crider (1941- )

Blacklin County Texas, Sheriff Dan Rhodes investigates a crime wave of emu-rustling and a murder that may be related to the theft of the valuable birds.

Down home Texas policeman Dan Rhodes finds a corpse in a bullet-riddled portable toilet floating down river. The congregation assembled on the riverbank for a baptism is disturbed; the three young drunks discovered shooting at the toilet claim not to have known anyone was inside. The victim, a former hardware-store owner who had recently chained himself to the local Wal-Mart to protest the discount store's competitive edge, has an illegal cockfighting tool in his pocket. Then the dead man's widow is killed. The inhabitants of town, including Dan's shiftless deputies who are most interested in watching TV soaps and Oprah, have lots of generally bad advice for their sheriff, who has two murders to solve, two emus to find and a secret cockfighting ring to break up-all on a diet of health food prescribed by his concerned lady friend. 

Printing History

St Martins Press
ISBN 312 11387
September 1994

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  1. Scott - I like Crider's series, and this title is inspired! Thanks for highlighting this one.