Friday, March 21, 2014

Murder In March Madness Day 21

We are rolling along in the Murder In March Madness event. We are now up to day twenty one where where I will highlight a book title with the word "murder' in the title or a variant. Today's title is The Aseptic Murders by Carter Brown from 1972.

The Aseptic Murders (1972)
Written by Alan G Yates (1922-1985)   

Robert McGinnis Cover

Two nude bodies add up to double trouble for Lt Al Wheeler,
as he sets off an explosive formula of kiss and kill!

Mad scientists and laboratory lust.
A chemical equation scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper, and two nude bodies sprawled across a motel bed. Those were the clues that led Al Wheeler to the hush-hush research lab where a cozy crew of oversexed scientist were doing some very off-beat experimenting. One of the whitecoats, it was obvious, had found a brand new formula for murder. And Al, much to his dismay, was next in line to test it!

Germany & Austria


Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #164 1972
ISBN 7255 0192 8
Printed in Hong Kong
Double Edition Series #3A 1978
w/Night Wheeler

New American Library
Signet Books 
T4961 April 1972
E8521 January 1979 
w/Night Wheeler
AE1701 1981
w/Night Wheeler

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  1. Scott - There's something a bout that Germany/Austria cover that I like; it works somehow.