Friday, March 28, 2014

Murder In March Madness Day 28

Welcome back to Murder In March Madness. We are nearing the end of this event where I highlight a title with the word "murder" or a variant in it. We are currently up to day 28 with a few days left. Today's title is Honeymoon With Murder by Carolyn Hart from 1988.

Honeymoon with Murder (1988)
Written by Carolyn G Hart (1936- )
Mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance's investigative nature puts her marriage to detective Max Darling on ice, when a chilling murder occurs after their wedding ceremony.

 The murder of sleazy/disreputable Jesse Penrick interrupts Annie and Max Darling's honeymoon when Annie's friend, desperate for assistance, phones her. The friend's subsequent disappearance galvanizes the island of Broward's Rock precipitates the involvement of a gaggle of sleuths

Printing History

copyright 1988

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  1. Oh, nice choice, Scott! And I like that cover design too.