Thursday, March 20, 2014

Murder In March Madness Day 20

Today marks the two thirds point in the Murder In March Madness. We are now up to day twenty in this even where I will highlight a book title with the word "murder' in the title or a variant. Today's title is Murder In The Wind by John D. McDonald from 1956.

Murder In The Wind (1956)
Written by John D McDonald (1916-1986)

A group of people are isolated in a house by a hurricane. 
A murder and the suspicions which follow tears the group apart.

With the waters rising and the winds whipping through the sky, a hurricane of terrifying intensity is looming over Florida. Along a state highway, a handful of foolhardy souls trying to outrun the storm are forced to seek shelter in an abandoned house after discovering that a nearby bridge is out of commission. Thrown together by nothing more than chance, this disparate bunch of misfits and wanderers includes an undercover agent seeking revenge for a personal tragedy, a burgeoning criminal in over his head, a beautiful young widow trying to start over, and a businessman whose life’s work is crumbling before his eyes. Their refuge from the awesome power of nature becomes a sort of grand and grisly hotel—especially once the invisible hand of flying death descends.

Printing History

Dell Publishing Company
A113, B167
1956, 1960

Fawcett Gold Medal
12997, 13602
1982, 1985 

Random House

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  1. Oh, how interesting! A MacDonald that's separate from the McGee series! Thanks for sharing, Scott.