Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Murder in March Madness Day #5

Welcome to Murder In March Madness. I will highlight one title with the word Murder, or a variant,  in it each day all during the month of March. Today is the fifth day of this event and I will highlight the Simon Brett title Murder In The Title from 1983.

 Murder In The Title
Written by Simon Brett (1945- )

 A Charlie Paris Mystery

Playing the corpse in a murder mystery at the Regent Theater is not exactly a triumph for Charles Paris. In fact, his career could not sink any lower. However, suddenly the mystery spills over into real life with the artistic director's apparent suicide. But was it suicide, or murder? Charles Paris is determined to find out.

Printing History

Gollancz (UK)

Dell Publishing
ISBN 440 16016
January 1984

ISBN 595 00353
June 2000

Severn House Digital 
September 2012

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  1. Oh, I like Simon Brett's work - glad you shared it, Scott.