Thursday, March 27, 2014

Murder In March Madness Day #27

Welcome to Murder In March Madness. Where I highlight a title with the word "murder" or a variant in it. Currently we are in the home stretch with just four days remaining. Today's title is The Third Murderer by Carroll John Daly, from 1931.

The Third Murderer (1931)
Carroll John Daly (1889-198)

The Devil is unchained!
This simple messages sends Race Williams into his most complex and exciting case of his career. The Gorgon crime family is ruling the streets and courts of New York and Race's unknown client is orchestrating the showdown which will hopefully bring the Gorgons down. As the message unleashes a whirlwind of activity, the hidden, dark secrets of two families are uncovered. 

1931 Farrar & Rinehart Edition

1932 Hutchinson Edition

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  1. Nice choice, Scott. I like the differences in those cover designs.