Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nick Carter in the Caribbean

Nick Carter was sent to Dominica to investigate "Operation Blast". The Terrible Ones is the name of the title and they were beautiful full bodied long legged women to wage revenge on their dead terrorist husbands. The Chinese Communists planned to ring the United States with the biggest funeral wreath. That and the hundred million dollars left over by Dictator Trujillo, buried somewhere on the island. Nick Carter had his hands full. The Terrible Ones is the 13th Killmaster novel and the only one (that I know of) to be published by two different publishing houses in the UK.

Award Books
May 1966 1st Printing                       January 1968 2nd Printing

1970 4th Printing

Mayflower Books

1968 1st Printing                                         1970 2nd Printing
Mayflower and Star Books

1974 4th Printing                                       1979 1st Printing

Printing History
Written by Valerie Moolman

1st Award (A172F) May 1966
2nd Award (A310X) January 1968
1st Mayflower (8619-8) 1968
4th Award (A310X) 1970
2nd Mayflower (583 11175-0-2) 1970
3rd Mayflower 1970
4th Mayflower (583 11175-0-3) 1974
1st Star (352 30421-9) 1979

The Terrible Ones Notes: There is either a phantom 3rd printing from 1969 or an error on the 4th printing fly sleeve.

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