Monday, November 1, 2010

Nick Carter #14 Dragon Flame

The situation was grave. The Chinese had the border sealed up so tight that a fly could not slip through. On the Hong Kong side the vicious group, Tiger Tong, waited and ready to kill anyone who attempted the Generals rescue. The General was badly wounded and was holed up in a temple not a mile from a thousand Chinese troops. Only a fool would try to cross the border and rescue the General. But the fool was none other than Nick Carter of AXE.

1st Award Printing                                       2nd Printing

3rd Printing                                        Tandem Printing
Printing History
Written by Lew Louderback

First Award Printing (A173F) May 1966
Second Award Printing (A311X) January 1968
Third Award Printing (A311X)1969
First Tandem Printing 1968
Tandem Reprint (4260 7026 7) 1973

Notes: A fourth Award Printing is out there and I do not have yet. Introduction of secondary character Fan Su, she will return in The Red Guard in 1967.

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  1. Hello,
    I thought this one had been written by Stokes rather than Louderback, especially for Fan Su character returning in Stokes' Red Guard.
    Great job anyway.