Saturday, October 18, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #16

Today in Traveling The Globe we venture into the USSR to a place where Napoleon had trouble conquering. Moscow

by George Snyder

Taking the place of one of the Soviet Union’s leading assassins, Nick Carter sneaks into Moscow to find and destroy a new Soviet weapon.

Moscow At Noon Is The Target
by Chet Cunningham and Dan Streib

An elite group of former special forces soldiers has banded together as the Brigadiers and have staged startling audacious robberies in several Iron Curtain nations. Moscow vows that if the Brigadiers were to strike again, there would be war.
Moscow Coach
by Philip McCutchan

A radical British communist in onboard a train headed to Moscow with the aim of killing the man next in line for leadership of the Soviet Union. Shaw's task is to stop him from creating an international incident.
Moscow Roads
by Simon Harvester

Trying to track down a traitor inside the intelligence organization, Dorian Silk is drawn to a trade fair in Moscow. That move puts him in the middle of the enemy camp with few friends and fewer options.

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