Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #24

We are on the final leg of Traveling the Globe. 
Today we are in our nation's capital, Washington.

The Washington Legation Murders
by F. Van Wyck Mason

Back in Washington, Hugh North is on the trail of spies out to acquire the latest in American weapon technology. What he finds is murder, considerable diplomatic hanky-panky, and a skeleton that glows green. 

Washington Deceased 
by Michael Bowen

A former Senator, a convict serving time and friend of Richard Michaelson, asks for his help as he is certain he will be killed while in prison. When the suspected hitman is found dead and all evidence points to the Senator, Michaelson suspects that they have just scratched the surface of the intrigue. 
Washington Shadow
by Aly Monroe

With WWII just over, in the early autumn of 1945 Peter Cotton is sent to the States to check on the changing Intelligence services but finds a conspiracy that could change the world.

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