Friday, October 10, 2014

Traveling The Globe: Day #9

Today are traveling east approximately eight and a half hours journey to the capital of Romania, Bucharest. This will be our ninth stop in the Traveling The Globe adventure during the month of October.

The Bucharest Ballerina Murders
by F Van Wyck Mason

North finds himself stuck in a gorgeous villa in Romania where murder is the order of the day as numerous parties go in search of a highly coveted formula. He also finds that the exotic Countess di Bruno is really a Connie Fletcher from Kansas.
Operation Bucharest
by Jack Chick

Set during the Cold War, you will meet the Crusaders as they smuggle Scriptures into forbidden territory. KGB Headquarters is alerted to the Crusader's trip to Bucharest. The plan is to create a scandal to embarrass the United States. 

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