Friday, October 17, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #15

We are now at the halfway pint of Traveling The Globe. 
Today we travel back to France to a place called Marseille.

by Alan Caillou

Broke and out of work, Mike Benasque is in London trying to find work when he is offered a good paying position working for an anti-Communist magazine called The Outspeak. The publisher wants information about a terrorist group in Marseilles called the Companions.
The Marseilles Enforcer
by Don Smith

The CIA didn't want to be officially involved in the investigation so they turned to their unofficial agent, Phil Sherman, to help track down the source of a large heroin shipment hidden inside several new Renaults. They were certain the man behind it all was a Corsican named Perelli but it was Sherman's job to get the proof.

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