Friday, October 24, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day 21

Today in Traveling the Globe, we travel to the world down under to a place called Sydney Australia.  Sydney is the largest city and a major tourist destination. And did you know that Sydney was founded as a penile colony in 1788?

Assignment Sydney
by Philip McCutchan

What started out as a benign case of industrial espionage of cruise-ship entertainment schedules turns into murder and drug smuggling as James Packard finds when he goes undercover onboard an ocean liner heading to Australia.
Sydney For Sin
by Mark Corrigan

Set to return to the States, Corrigan is asked once more to help the Australian police. This case involved taking on a gang called the Kreig-Romain Syndicate and included numerous blonde-haired, blue-eyed ladies all made to look like each other. Then there was the secret agent's arm found inside a shark.

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