Friday, October 31, 2014

Traveling The Globe Day #25

Was are at the end of Traveling The Globe. It was quite a ride throughout the various places in the world. But what would be a more fitting end than a nice scary place to go along with the ghoulish escapades of Halloween. We travel to Transylvania and the land of Dracula.

Trouble in Transylvania
by Barbara Wilson

Cassandra Reilly heads off to Budapest to visit her friend Jack while en route to China. In a complicated turn of events, the two soon find themselves in a spa town in the Transylvanian Mountains, attempting  to solve the mystery of the death of Dr. Pustulescu, inventor of an anti-aging formula. In a wide-ranging plot that encompasses everything from Romanian orphans and their American parents to Cassandra’s own spa treatments in search of how Dr. Pustulescu met his end in the electric bath, Cassandra and her friend bring new life to Dracula country.

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  1. Great end to the tour Scott, perfect choice for Halloween! And I've even read that book....