Thursday, October 2, 2014

Travelling the Globe: Day #2

We have left Rio de Janeiro and will arrive at our next destination. As our plane lands we look out the window and discover we have landed in Cairo Egypt Welcome to the second day of our quest to Travel the Globe Today we will highlight four titles.

Assignment: The Cairo Dancers
by Eward S Aarons

The image of beautiful, scantily clad women dancing seductively while lustful men lounge on cushions eating dates, the Cairo Dancers are a powerful and deadly organization determined to take control of the entire Middle East.

Corpse To Cairo
by Manning O'Brinne

O'Kelly expected that the Mediterranean cruise liner he was on would be the perfect place to relax from his habit of finding trouble. He finds murder instead and ends up chasing the killer through the streets of Cairo.

Secret Mission: Cairo
By Don Smith

A nuclear bomb has been stolen. It belonged to the French and it was apparently stolen by a Frenchman. The question was who wanted it? Was it Egypt or Yemen or someone else? Phil Sherman is hired to get it back. He is confused why he is asked to get involved but his business was heading downward and he can use the money.

The Cairo Mafia 
by Ralph E Hayes

Nick Carter got himself thrown into an Egyptian jail to kill an enemy agent but now he must get out, find a microfilm of a new Soviet fighter plane, and get to back to the U.S.

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