Saturday, November 27, 2010

Booty For A Babe: Another Al Wheeler Mystery

Al Wheeler appears again in Booty For A Babe. This title was published in 1956 by Horwitz and is the 31st entry in the Numbered Series. This story is a screwball case as quoted by Commissioner Lavers. Lavers is LT Wheeler's immediate superior. Take a bunch of science fiction fans, a lecturer, a tungsten dart in the heart of the lecturer, and the dames. Even the redhead dame, with no experience with boy and girl stuff,  so Al brings her back to his apartment and he introduces her to his Hi-Fi setup.  And then there is the blonde, her boyfriend bores her so she prefers to drink with Al. And how about the other blonde who can throw a switch as fast as Al can duck. Here she is, there she isn't, that away kind of girl. People keep dying in this case and Commissioner Lavers wants the case solved fast. Or Wheeler will be in a blue uniform very soon.

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