Thursday, November 11, 2010

Operation Starvation by Nicholas Browne

Merchant seaman Nicholas Browne wrote Operation Starvation in 1966. Johnny Wu was hunger for power. He was the head of Operation Starvation. Doctor Wu's experiment in organisms that could cause the starvation of the entire world. Wu's discovery on an experimental rice farm deep in Red China's Takla Makan Desert, was a wonder spore, that could enslave mankind. Nick's job was to see that the Chinese would not get their hands on the weapon.

Early Award and Tandem Cover

Printing History
1st Award (A197) 1966
2nd Award (A313X) January 1968
1st Tandem (T 188)January 1968
2nd Tandem (4260 6453 4) 1972
Tandem Reprint (4260 6453 4) August 1972

Notes: The 1st Tandem printing states a second printing on the inside. Award and Tandem used the same book printing as they began their partnership at approximately that time. 2nd Tandem printing does not even mention the 1968 printing. There is a 1970 Award reprint out there as they miss used the book number (A 636X) which was used with the next book in the series, The Mind Poisoners. The fly sleeve uses the title Operation Starvation while the outside book cover uses The Mind Poisoners.
Later Tandem Cover

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