Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seven Against Greece by Nicholas Browne

Seven Against Greece is about Nick Carter on a blood-soaked mission against one of the worlds most vicious terrorist gang. The world teetered on the edge of destruction because of seven people against Greece. The greedy Greek millionaire Papadoru, his fortune was based on betraying his country to the highest bidder. The evil Chinese agent, General Lin Te-peng, who ran Europe's master spy school. The revolutionary madman, Gorgas, he lived only fir the pain he could inflict on helpless women. The beautiful Princess Electra, she as a a man eating tigress who them the gang to their terrifying goals. There was also an English soldier of fortune, a huge Greek thug, and the man they call "The Black Monk." The goal was world domination, they were driven by lust for power and to overthrow governments in the Balkans. There were attempts to stop them. The bullet riddled body of an AXE agent was the end of one try. Now there was a more lethal agent, Nick Carter, but he was unprepared for the death trap set by the perfumed beautiful woman.

US Printing History
Written by Nicholas Browne (3/4)

1st Award (A247X) September 1967
2nd Award (A633X) February 1970
3rd Award (AN1096) September 1972
4th Award (AN1096) November 1973
5th Award (AQ1393) December 1974

Notes: The first three Award printings each feature the same book cover design. The later two printings have the same book design. This title has a complete history as others are lacking.

UK Printing History
1st Tandem Printing (T141) 1967
Tandem Reprint (426 12634 3) 1973

Note: The first Tandem printing has the same book cover as the1st Award edition.
Tandem Reprint 1973

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