Friday, November 26, 2010

The Devil's Cockpit by Manning Lee Stokes

Mona McCall: A beautiful ex-Hollywood star and sex darling of the Western World was lending her fame and figure to a Red Chinese pornographic propaganda mill and was lashing America's reputation to a burning stake.

Micheal Blackstone: American director and communist. He willingly betrayed his homeland and spilled coils of vileness from his films.

Pamela Martin: English, has the makings for a very deadly spy except that she has been picked for pornographic stardom or else.

Somewhere in the dark streets of Budapest, a pornographic mill was churning out films that proclaimed the hideous decadence of American Imperialism.  This assignment takes Nick Carter on a steamy tour of Eastern Europe in search of Blackstone and Mona McCall. Ms Martin is his would be assistant, a half hustler, half spy.

First and Second Printing

Printing History
1st Award Printing (A238X) 1967
1st Tandem Printing 1967
2nd Award (A238X) 1968
3rd Award Printing (?) 1970?
Tandem Reprint (4260 6488 7) 1972
Ace/Charter Reprint (441 14298-2) August 1979

Tandem Reprint
Ace/Charter Edition 1979

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