Sunday, November 21, 2010

Model Of No Virtue by Carter Brown

Another Carter Brown novel. Model of No Virtue in the 27th entry in the Numbered Series published by Horwitz Publications in 1956. This title was originally titled as the novelette Rope For A Redhead from 1953. Cloe was very rich and had the body worthy of a bodyguard. Somebody was threatening her with bodily harm and all the clues point to her crazy sister Lucilla. The main character, Tony Barr, has Lucilla as the bad lady until she is murdered. Texas is the place for the circus, Cleo's Circus. A circus of murder labeled by Cynthia Wardrope. Finding the villain was a task onto itself, with names like Dale Cannon, Lee Brogan, Esther Coates. Which one had it out for Cleo?

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