Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Mind Poisoners by Lionel White and Valerie Moolman

Nick Carter faces a vicious international plot to hook American college students on a violence drug and then use them to destroy the country. Nick assumes the identity of a college professor to find out why the student peace movement suddenly ignited into mass rioting. It went beyond radicalism, a ruthless plot of an organization of mind poisoners that did not care of those ruined lives, all they cared was the downfall and utter destruction on the United States. Lionel White started this title and then strayed too far from the series pattern, so Valerie Moolman stepped in and finished the novel.

A few covers
Printing History
1st Award (A198F) 1966
2nd Award (A314X) January 1968
1st Tandem (T189) January 1968
3rd Award (A636X) 1970. Error on fly sleeve not a second printing and not the correct title.

Notes: These are all the covers I have for this title. I know there are more out there especially the 1972 edition as Tandem reprinted almost all Killmasters in that year.

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