Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Double Identity by Manning Lee Stokes

Double Identity was published at the same time as Mission To Venice. The CIA message put AXE in an uproar. Their top agent in Tibet was killed and his dying words identified his assassin: "Nick Carter". The briefing was short and to the point. A fake Killmaster in the Far East meant something was brewing. The lure of a trap made this mission the up most importance and needed to be settled fast. Within hours, Nick was in Tibet to pick up the trail of his double. In India the trail led through the streets with those who seek the reward for Nick's arrest.  The next stop was in the Pakistani border where he found the fuse that could set off a holocaust that would destroy all the nations in the Far East.

Printing History
1st Award (A229X) 1967
1st Tandem (T 243) 1968
2nd Award (A923S) 1972
Tandem Reprint (4260 7042 9) 1973 Printed in France
Charter Special Bonus Edition (W/ Strike Of The Hawk) January 1980

Award Edition                                          Tandem Edition
Award 2nd Printing
Tandem Reprint
Charter Bonus Edition

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