Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Operation Che Guevara by Jon Messman

A dead guerrilla leader kept strangely alive. Two treacherous and beautiful ladies sharing a deadly secret. And Nick Carter on his most macabre mission

Award Edition
Che Guevara: The legendary hero of Latin America's terrorist guerrillas. A killer, a sadist, a madman or a hero, a saint, or savior...depending on your point of view. The world believes Che Guevara is dead. But Nick Carter Killmaster has reason to believe that the Cuban revolutionary is still alive. Clue #1: Terresina, the long legged peasant girl who makes love with the grandeur of a pampered princess. Clue #2: Yolanda, a wealthy, ice cold beauty who turns into a man eating tigress in bed. One of them can lead Nick to the man called El Garfo, "The Hook" The man could be Che Guevara, Nick must challenge to a blood curdling death duel in the mountains of Bolivia. 

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Series
1st (A509X) 1969
2nd (A509X) 1970

Tandem Series
1st (unkn) 1970
Reprint (426 4300) 1971

One of the titles not reprinted much.

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