Friday, February 18, 2011

The Black Death by Manning Lee Stokes

Nick Carter battles a maniacal dictator and a brutal voodoo cult.

Charter Edition
Haiti: A savage island, seething with passion, superstition, and hate.
Haiti: Where the shadowy terrors of voodoo conceal the nightmare of an onrushing nuclear holocaust.
Haiti: Breeding ground for the black death conspirators. A half mad dictator. A political assassin. A sexual psychopath. a defecting nuclear genius. And the beautiful girl called The Black Swan.

3rd Award printing
1st Award printing

2nd Award printing

Tandem Edition
Printing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes

Award Books
1st (A631) March 1970
2nd (A926S) January 1972
3rd (AQ1401) January 1975

Tandem Books
1st (426 6218) 1972

Charter Books
Reprint (441 06578)  August 1979

The Black Death was Manning Lee Stokes last Nick Carter Killmaster adventure.

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