Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nick Carter Killmaster #50

The 50th Nick Carter Killmaster adventure is titled The Doomsday Formula and written by Jon Messman. Award Books incorrectly promoted the title The Black Death as the 50th Nick Carter in 1970. The Black Death was actually the 56th Nick Carter title. Award also messed up the 100th Nick Carter in 1975.

When terrorists threaten to blow Hawaii to the bottom of the ocean, the desperate call goes out for Nick Carter, Killmaster.
Award Later Editions
The Doomsday Formula meant death. 
  1. Lethal fumes spilled from the supposedly dead volcano.
  2. On a desolate stretch of Waikiki Beach the sea washed up the bloated corpse of a Japanese intelligence officer.
  3. In Honolulu the Chief of Police received an urgent message from a friend in desperate trouble.
  4. And somewhere in Tokyo a shriveled old man waited.
A Pacific paradise was the setting for a fanatical group's terrifying vision of the perfect crime.

 And only Nick Carter can stop it!

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A520X) Nov 1969
2nd (A941S) Jan 1972
3rd (AD1637) Nov 1976

Award states the 1972 Edition is a fourth printing which it was not

Tandem Books
1st (426 4298) 1970

Tandem Edition

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