Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Million Dollar Babe by Carter Brown

 She dealt a professional gambler into a $1,000,000 game with the syndicate......killer take all.

Horwitz Edition
Printing History
as Cutie Cashed His Chips
Numbered Series #3 1955
Second Collectors Series Vol 1 Number 14 1958
as Million Dollar Babe
International Edition #17 1962
International Edition #17 1963

Signet Books
1st (S1909) Feb 1961
2nd (Canada) 1961
3rd (D3636) 1968

3rd Signet Printing
Here name was Babe and her heart belonged to Daddy. Any Daddy with a cool million. She was the fabric a guy could weave his dreams from in the long silence of a lonely night. She told gambler Mike Farrell. "Ten days from now you can own a half share in a million dollars and" Mike knew that an y guy would be crazy to refuse her offer.

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