Friday, February 11, 2011

The Casbah Killers by Jon Messman

A macabre manhunt for a missing agent

AXE's man in Casablanca had vanished. 

Athena: Dancer, knew him as a quick tempered killer whose fleshy appetites were inflamed by blood.
Marina: Exotic half caste, described him as shy, gentle, and strangely afraid of a women's touch.
Fatasha: The madam, said he was a regular patron of her place, consumed by an increased need of erotic pleasure.

The strange man of a thousand faces was missing. And Nick Carter had to find him. Whoever, or whatever he really was. The trail led through the Casbah to the mountains of Morocco. Where a frantic Moslem leader was putting together the final touches to an incredible destruction plan left to him by conquerors of old.

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A560X) 1969

Tandem Books
1st (426 unkn) 1970
Reprint (426 5127) 1971

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