Saturday, February 12, 2011

Darling You're Doomed by Carter Brown

1956 Horwitz Edition
The main character of this Carter Brown mystery is Joe Carslake. Joe is in the town of Linmouth to visit a pal of his named Godfrey for a quiet  weekend in the country. All is going well except the two murders and the ulcer. His weekend started with the girl at the gas station in the bikini. It further developed into a double cross with his buddy Godfrey, whose idea of fun was to twist Joe's arm and break it. The weekend further developed  with a girl named Lucille who did not know the finer things in life and thought Joe was the guy to put the love into her, but her father disagreed. The weekend really could have been happening if the frustrated brunette by the name of Jennifer made sure it did not happen. Joe did not mind the corpses, up until the police lieutenant thought he was responsible for them. And Joe did not mind the gangsters until they started minding him. It all started with a real estate deal. It was real alright, but the only estate he was likely to wind up in was a six foot plot. Darling You're Doomed is the 34th entry in Horwitz's Numbered Series published in late 1956. Darling You're Doomed was also published in 1959 in Horwitz's Second Collectors Series as Volume 1 number 27.

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