Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mind Killers by Jon Messman

They were all-American heroes, scientifically programmed to assassinate. Nick Carter's orders were to stop them before they reached the President of the United States.

Tandem Edition
They were walking, thinking human time-bombs, unique killers who would have no trace after the job was done. They had been carefully chosen for the assignment. Each a super patriot, above suspicion in espionage. Now they were ordered to Washington to assassinate the President. Nick Carter's mission was to stop them. If he could destroy the mechanism used to brainwash the men. If he could unmask the leader behind the plan. If he could outrace programmed killers hurtling towards explosion.

Charter Edition
  • A Chinese laundry ticket that mysteriously turned up in a North Vietnamese POW camp.
  • A whistle used to train dogs to obey commands.
  • A frigid girl who suddenly became an insatiable nymphomaniac.
  • a seemingly harmless cup of tea.
These were the clues. They hid the identity of the man who held mankind's most destructive weapons in his hand. Nick Carter had only 72 hours to find him.

Award Edition

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A655X) 1970
2nd (AN1093) 1972
3rd (AN1093) 1974
Charter Reprint (53298) Jan 1981

Tandem Books
1st (423 5565) 1971
Reprint (426 17371) Dec 1972

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