Saturday, February 19, 2011

Terror Comes Creeping by Carter Brown

The beautiful brunette's mother had made her a millionaire. Now her father wanted to make her a corpse.

1962 Horwitz Edition
The brunette was very beautiful and very scared. She looked private Danny Boyd in the eye and shuddered once. Then she calmly told him that her father was planning on killing her. She claimed he had murdered her brother and was trying to get rid of her sister. And that she was third on the list. She had no proof to back her story, only cold green cash. She might be crazy, but she was also crazy rich. She was Danny's favorite kind of client. So Danny decided to take the lovely lady's case. And tag her father a killer.

 Barye Phillips Cover

Signet Edition

Printing History

Horwitz Editions

Numbered Series #81 1959
Long Story Magazine # 17 December 1960
International Edition #14 1962
International Edition #67 1970

New American Library

Signet Books (USA)
1st (1750) December 1959
Reprint (D2934) June 1966

Signet Books (Canada)
1st (1750) February 1960
2nd (D2934) June 1966

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