Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Aztec Avenger by Saul Wernick

The Eccentric Billionaire
The Cool English blonde
The Mexican Pimp
The Mafia Don
The Corsican Smuggler
The Ex-Boxing Champ
The Spymaster
The Countess

One of them runs the biggest heroin operation then world had seen. Nick Carter's job is to find out which.

Universal Edition
All of them make for Nick Carter's most bizarre assignment yet.

Award Edition

Gregorius: An eccentric billionaire with ambitious plans for a chain of luxury hotels. But his life will cease if Stocelli does not get his gambling concessions. HE hires Nick to get Stocelli off his back. 

Stocelli: A Mafia boss whose operatives around the world are being framed, involving him on some serious charges. He hires Nick to get him off the hook with the Commission.

George Gross Cover
Nick Carter's job is to found out which and stop them at all costs. From the hillside poppy fields to the lavish splendor of Mexican haciendas, Nick tracks his quarry with death following close behind.

Tandem Edition
Printing History
Written by Saul Wernick

Award #1356 1974
Tandem #16897 1976
Universal #16897 unkn
Charter #03800 1979

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