Friday, June 24, 2011

Six Bloody Summer Days by DeWitt S Copp

A stolen nuclear time bomb. 
A blood-soaked manhunt to find it. 
A lethal Killmaster assignment exploding with action, suspense, and excitement.

Universal Edition
Desert Death Trap
The American Ambassador assassinated. President Menadike dead in an "accidental" plane crash. His beautiful widow held prisoner. A ruthless, devious man named Abu Osman plotting to overthrow the new government. And Colonel Mohammed Doosa, head of the Russian-style of secret police, with his own murderous plans.

Award Edition
AXE might have let the small North African republic boil in its own bloodbath if it had not been for the "Cockeye". The "Cockeye" was the stolen missile, the deadliest weapon in NATO's nuclear arsenal. Nick Carter's assignment was to walk into this desert hell, alone, find the missile, and destroy it.

Charter Edition
He did not have much time. He had exactly SIX BLOODY SUMMER DAYS!

Charter Reprint
Printing History
Written by DeWitt S Copp

Award AQ 1449 1975
Universal 426 18446 1978
Charter 76838 1978 ($1.50)
Charter Reprint 76839 1980 ($2.25)

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