Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Sinners by Carter Brown

A luscious witch practices sorcery and sins herself into an early grave....

Horwitz Edition
 The blonde had come to the sanitarium for psychiatric treatment because she was convinced she was possessed by a witch. Now she was a corpse, stabbed to death by someone who had covered her face with a mask of a satanic white cat. For Lieutenant Al Wheeler this was the beginning of the most bizarre case of his unorthodox police career! The voodoo she would do would drive men wild. Her naked body glowed in the black candlelight as she danced with sensual abandon. She was a witch, a wanton. She played the devil, and she wound up dead! Al learns all about the sorcery when he investigates the death of a beautiful hex-cat and smashes into the cult weird worshipers who crave sensation, sin, and Satan.

Robert McGinnis Cover
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #108 1963
International Edition Series #39 1964

New American Library
Signet Books
as The Girl Who Was Possessed
#2291 April 1963
D3472 1968

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