Monday, June 6, 2011

The N3 Conspiracy by Dennis Lynds

Hunter And Hunted

Tandem Edition
Africa. torn apart by generations of racial hatred and years of bloody rebellions, was the hunting ground for a faceless killer. Nick Carter, Killmaster N3, knew his quarry was a traitor, a ruthless mass murderer who had to be stopped at any cost. But the man's face and identity were a mystery.

Award 2nd Printing
There were three suspects. Nick's orders were to take no chances, assassinate them all! It was a four-way death duel, fought against the merciless heat, ferocious wilderness, primitive savagery, and civilized cruelty.

Star Edition
Printing History
Written by Dennis Lynds

Award AQ1332 August 1974
Award AQ1547 February 1976
Tandem 18008 1977
Star 30583 1979

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