Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Counterfeit Agent by Douglas Marland

The Word Was Out
Assassinate the Secretary of State

Universal Edition
AXE's job was to keep him alive. Guard him and set Nick Carter up as decoy. A sitting duck for someone to recognize and kill! Nick had to dodge bullets before, but never from a silent gun that could penetrate brick walls, and the nasty habit of putting crates the size of bowling pins in people. Nick found himself a bullseye in a stopped elevator, in a desolate mountain cave, and even in his shower.

Award Edition

It's one thing to have your face smashed in by a couple of goons with brass knuckles.
It's one thing to be dragged out of bed by hired killers, a bed that also contains a beautiful, willing women.
It's one thing to be shot at in the shower with a weird gun that swells up like a bullfrog's throat when it is fired. But it's quite another thing to have all the information in your brain stolen, stolen for a man meant to be your deadly double.

It started with AXE using doubles for the Secretary of State, doubles meant to keep the real Secretary alive in the event of an assassination plot. But now the enemy was turning out their own counterfeits, doubles of agents planted to undermine every government in the world.

Printing History
Written by Douglas Marland

Award AQ1439 1975
Universal 426 18593 1978

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