Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Man Who Sold Death by Larry Van Gelder

A bloody trail of murders leads to the gold.

Charter Edition
Nicole Cara, international movie sex symbol, appears on the Riviera. But she died in a plane crash years ago. Who was the women with the dead girl's face, speaking in a corpse's voice? Nick Carter's job is to find out, if he can stay alive long enough. Billions of dollars are invested in eliminating him. A brilliant scheme was at work to steal the world's gold and cripple the economy. Nicole Cara, brought back from the dead, was only the first clue to a crazed espionage plot that stretched from the luxurious beaches of the Riviera to the sordid waterfront of New York, right into the nerve center of Chinese Intelligence!

Award Edition

Printing History
Written by Larry Van Gelder

Award AQ1297 1974
Charter 51921 1978

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