Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beirut Incident by Forrest V. Perrin

Nick Carter infiltrates the Mafia to stop a new breed of underworld killer trained to wage brutal war.

Tandem Edition
A new army of killers was being recruited in Sicily by the Dons in the United States. Young, tough, ruthless men were being smuggled in America, trained to wage a brutal war within the underworld. The government wanted to hasten the butchery and let the Brotherhood strangle in its own blood. Someone had to infiltrate the Mob, go right to the top, and assassinate the Number One Don. It was an impossible assignment. So AXE gave it to Nick Carter Killmaster N3.

Charter Reprint
Printing History
Written by Forrest V. Perrin

Award #1333 August 1974
Tandem 17777 1976
Charter 5378 1978 ($1.50)
Charter 5381 1981 ($2.25)

The are probably two more Charter Reprint with numbers 5379 and 5380. 
The title has nothing to do with the main story.

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