Monday, June 27, 2011

Dr. Death by Craig Nova

By Craig Nova
Dr Death was billed as the 100th Nick Carter "Killmaster" Adventure. Somebody made a mistake in the counting, Dr Death was actually the 98th Nick Carter. The special features in this book were the very first Nick Carter, Run, Spy, Run from 1964, and the title The Preposterous Theft. The Preposterous Theft was a Nick Carter revival from the golden age of the American mystery.

Dr Death 
by Craig Nova
Published in 1975 by Universal-Award House, Inc

Kidnapped:  A top nuclear scientist with knowledge vital to Western security.
Tortured:  A harmless merchant whose dying words were as enigmatic as his murder.
Massacred:  The screaming patrons of a Tangier nightclub, slaughtered along with the key AXE informer in their midst.

To Nick Carter, Killmaster N3, each viscous crime marked another stage in a terrifying global strategy that stretched from the reeking contagion of a San Juan leper colony to the impregnable stronghold of a secret military organization, a group that had forged an extortion plot on an undreamed scale!


  1. It may not be too obvious from the photo, but this is a die-cut cover--the painting of Carter is on a second piece of cover stock, visible through the hole cut in the gun barrel.

    Even if they were counting the book Peking/The Tulip Affair as two novels, they still got the numbering wrong.

  2. I hate to be a kill joy about this, but I didn't write this book. Sorry. Craig Nova

  3. I hate to be the one to break the news but I did NOT write this book....

    Craig Nova

  4. So, can you please remove my name from this page? I didn't write this. Period. Craig Nova