Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cauldron Of Hell by Mike Jahn

A fallen meteor sets off a deadly international race to get the precious metal in its core!

George Gross Cover

To Hell and Back
The Mukhino tribesman refer to it as the cauldron of hell. and it's the site of Nick Carter's next mission.

The Location: The highly inaccessible Amur River section of Chinese Manchuria, the border between China and Russia, and the site of a large crater made by a recent meteorite fall.

The Mission: Get into the meteorite's core and bring back Lidanium, an element highly absorbent of radioactivity and both powerful and priceless to its possessor.

And the race is on, but suddenly trusted friends become deadly enemies as Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" discovers the race has been fixed and he can not possibly win, or escape!

Printing History
Written by Mike Jahn

Charter Books
441 09274
November 1981


  1. Are you sure about it being published in 1981? Because I wrote something into it that didn't occur until 1982 at the earliest.

    mike jahn

  2. Hi Mike
    According to the copyright page, this title was published Nov 1981 and the Armchair Detective lists it also as been published November 1981.


  3. Scott,

    I found a review of the book in a pulp mag called The Not So Private Eye." Published in 1/82, it lists the pub date as 11/81. The review doesn't mention me. I can scan it and email it if you like. If you can find a way to get me your email address without blowing out your privacy. Maybe find me on FB or Twitter and send me a personal message.