Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lady Sativa by Frank Lauria

DR. Owen Orient, Psychic Detective, On a Nightmare Journey Through A World Beyond.....

The Doctor
Scientist, psychiatrist, psychic researcher

The Mystic
Master of the occult, telepath extraordinaire

The Man
A victim of the werewolf's disease, on a desperate search for a murderer, for salvation, and a cure. He followed a dark and blood stained path. Through the sexual rites and mysteries of forbidden Tantric Yoga. Through the violence ridden seances of seeress Sybelle Lean. Through the mystical meetings of a club called See and into the bewitching arms of Lady Sativa.

Angel of Darkness, 
Mistress of the Moon

Printing History
Written by Frank Lauria 
copyright 1973

Ballantine Books
345 27328
February 1979

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