Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bandini Affair by Milton Bass

Benny Freedman

Half-Jewish, half-Irish, Benny Freedman is not everyman's image of a cop. A poetry-reading-martial-arts disciple with a great appreciation for beautiful languages and beautiful women. Benny has a spacial gift for finding and fighting trouble in California's fast lane. It's not easy, but being hard is another one of those things Benny does very well.....

Blood Money
Somebody wanted to bleed Benny Freedman white with fear. Enough fear to give the Mob back money that he had inherited and that they figured was theirs. They started with a bullet through Benny's arm. Then they aimed lower, at a far more sensitive target. But they didn't make Benny afraid. They only made him mad enough to give the masters of terror a stomachfull of their own deadly medicine. As we waded into the underworld swamp of steamy sex and savage slaughter where you had to be crazy as a fox to survive.

Printing History
Written by Milton Bass

New American Library
Signet Books
451 14804 (May 1987)

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