Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nick Carter, Detective by Robert Clurman

 Fiction's Most Celebrated Detective
Five Astonishing Adventures

Cover by Ancona
Who was Nick Carter, Detective?
He was a master of disguise. Sometimes he made himself up exactly like the man he was pursuing and drove his quarry crazy.  He could lip read at least three different languages, fell a man, or ox, with a single blow. Wrestle , fence, or box better than any professional. And always in his pocket were two revolvers, a pair of handcuffs, assorted burglary tools, and skeleton keys that would open any lock.

Printing History

Copyright 1963 by Robert Clurman

The Macmillan Company

Dell Publishing Company
#6360 (October 1965)

Stories included:
The Counterfeiter's Gold Tooth
or Nick Carter's Crooked Correspondent 

Nick Carter's Mysterious Case
or The Road-House Tragedy
Nick Carter's Beautiful Decoy
or The Diamond Duke of Chicago

Nick Carter's Enemy
or Bringing a Murderer to the Gallows

Nick Carter And The Professor 
or Solving a Scientific Problem

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