Saturday, December 3, 2011

Murderers' Row by Donald Hamilton

Matt Helm
Mission 5
Murderers' Row

The department is gravely concerned about Matt Helm. He is on a brutal mission, it's true, but his own callousness seems to have reached a point of absolute savagery. He has apparently murdered a U.S. agent.

Helm is on or near Chesapeake Bay. He is armed and dangerous, and must be located, kept under surveillance, and possibly even removed from active service....

Printing History
Copyright 1962

Fawcett Gold Metal Books
k1391  ($0.40)
449-14088 24th Printing ($1.95)

Ballantine Books
449-14088 February 1984 ($1.95)
449-13274 November 1987 ($2.95)

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