Friday, December 2, 2011

Operation Checkmate by Dan J. Marlowe

He wasn't a good man, he wasn't a bad man, 
but his name was Earl Drake and that was the difference

When Hazel, Drake's gorgeous redhead, told him she was going to accompany the lovely Chen Yi all the way to Taiwan for the reading of the will, the journey seemed innocent enough. Drake figured he would go along for the ride. Some ride. Before it even started, a ghastly triple murder involving high-ranking Chinese and American diplomats explodes onto the front pages.He did not know the killings concerned him. Not then, but he was to find out soon enough.

Printing History

Copyright 1972 by Fawcett Publications Inc.

Coronet Books, Hodder Paperbacks Ltd.

ISBN 340 17418
 Second Impression 1973

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