Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Secret Mission: Morocco by Don Smith

Assignment No. 4
Phil Sherman must stop mystery murders of U.S. agents. 
Prime suspect a bizarre duplication of James Bond's Goldfinger, has already robbed Fort Knox.

The conspiracy involved all the gold in Fort Knox and a diabolical blueprint for the murder of U.S. agents.

The criminals included a sex-driven sadist, a tycoon with a strange and incurable disease, and  a gignatic Arab bought as a slave.

The chase began in a sinister dungeon deep within the bowels of the earth. And reached a climax aboard a billionaires floating pleasure palace.

If they had not killed his girl, Phil Sherman might never have accepted the assignment. But her death, sudden, painful, macabre, left him no choice. And once on the case, once Sherman set out to sabotage a worldwide cataclysm, he found himself confronting  plot so fanatic, so cleverly forged, that even after he slashed away at the truth, no one would believe him!

Printing History
Written Don Smith

Award Books
A393X 1968

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